Cryptopolis Introduction

A crypto-driven social NFT game thats changing the way we think about Web3.
Meet our Tower Concierge!

Hey, welcome to the Tower!

''You look kinda lost! Where did you come from exactly? Oh.. Right. Hmmhm. So that means you want to become one of us! You don't? Well, I think once you know what we are all about you will change your mind! We do have some space in the cellars still, the room might not be your ideal place of living, but it should do the trick for now I guess. Ah, whatever your rise to fame here in Cryptopolis might be or become, I am happy to see you join this starscraper of wealth and opportunity!
The elevator is to your left there; here is your room key. The first room is on us, but if you want to move into rooms higher in the Tower, it is up to you to find and buy them. Enjoy the games we have here in the Tower, make new friends, earn our in-game currency $CPO, establish your NFT collection and trade your way to wealth.
I believe in you, new Cryptopian. See you around! ''

A true game for all walks of life.

Cryptopolis is a crypto-driven and free-to-play social NFT game developed with entertainment and social interactions prioritized above everything else. With Cryptopolis, we aim to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming communities by ensuring that we develop all systems with the lowest possible entry barrier so that anyone can join and play.
In Cryptopolis, you create and control the life of your very own customizable avatar. This avatar has needs similar to yours and will ask you to fulfill them to keep them happy and ready to do anything you ask. By collecting NFTs, making friends, trading, playing minigames, doing quests, and participating in community events, you have the opportunity to create a life of fun, wealth, and health for your digital avatar.
All information provided in this whitepaper is subject to change. Not all features of the gameplay will be in at the moment of writing, and there is a chance that features will be replaced or scrapped based on community feedback and other variables. Cryptopolis is an early access game. Our roadmap might change, and nothing in this whitepaper should be seen as a set-in-stone feature if it is not in the game yet.
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